Ads and Programs
Cowboy Gospel NETradio Audio Ads are approximately 30-seconds in length
Copy can be changed weekly.

Spot Packages – 50 spot ads in a one month period for $25.00 at Best Time Available
Multiple packages may be purchased for greater impact.

Payment Options
Monthly prepayment required.  (Check or PayPal)
Prepaid for five months - sixth is free. 
Prepay for 9 1/2 months - 2 1/2 are free
Your church, ministry, or company can air its own daily or weekly program.  All programs must be submitted as mp3’s.

Program Rates
    Daily (Monday - Friday)
    $ 20 per week - 5 minutes daily
    $ 40 per week - 15 minutes daily     
    Once a Week (any day)
    $ 20 - 10 minutes weekly
    $ 40 – 30 minutes weekly

Cowboy Gospel NETradio
Featuring Cowboy, Country and Southern Gospel Music.